Most Expensive Air Guns

When it comes to purchasing air guns, it is important to note the different models that exist on the market. Air gun models vary widely depending on the purpose and manufacturer. It is wise to look at each model’s pros and cons before settling on a particular gun. The most expensive air guns have some unique qualities that distinguish them from the rest.

To get value for your purchase, it is important to look at the following qualities:

How Easy it Is to Use

One of the reasons why an air gun can be expensive is its ease of use. If the gun comes in parts, it should be easy to assemble. When trying to take a shot, the procedure should be easy. You need to just open the barrel, load it, close it and take the shot.

If you have to deal with more additional parts, the more complicated becomes the process of taking the shot. Guns that have many parts to assemble break quite easily and are cumbersome to work with.

Power Behind the Gun

The more power the gun packs, the more expensive it will be. You need to know what your pursuit is. Whether you are looking to plink or hunt, you need enough power to accomplish your mission. When we talk of power, we do not mean speed. Power is usually measured using feet per second (FPS). FPS is affected by the size of the pellets used by the gun. Some manufacturers prefer to use FPE (Foot Pound of Energy), which takes the weight of the pellet into account. FPE gives an estimate on how far the shot will reach and how hard its punch will be. The best bullets for air guns should not be heavy, which allows the gun to have more FPE.

Air Gun Accuracy

This is an obvious fact when it comes to purchasing an air gun. Many people don’t realize the importance of accuracy. When you aim an air gun you should be able to hit your target. Your target might be moving, which makes it difficult to strike. Most shots are also taken a long distance away from the target. So the gun should be able to hit the target accurately without fail. A gun that accurately hits the target from a longer distance will be more expensive.


Just like any other gadget, an air gun should be given some regular maintenance service so that it can last long and remain at peak performance. Different guns have different maintenance processes depending on the model. A good gun should be easy to maintain, whether it’s cleaning or servicing it. Some residues do accumulate on the barrel, so it is important to clean this up. Otherwise a dirty barrel affects the gun’s accuracy. Some guns also need to be oiled in order to maintain ease of use and accuracy. Other guns also need to be cleaned after every use.

Different models have different procedures. This is an important factor to be considered when purchasing a gun. So, the more involved the process, the more expensive the gun will be.