Cheap Air Guns

Most people tend to shy away from cheap air guns because they think that they are substandard. But the reality on the ground is that you can get a good gun even if it is cheap. Well, the most expensive air guns fall under the category of antiques. These are collectables and they are a rare find. If you like hunting, plinking, airsoft games or just target practice, a cheap air gun will do the task equally well.

Where to Find Cheap Air Guns

Today, the best place to get a cheap air gun is the Internet. There are several manufacturers who sell a wide range of different types of air guns. With a wide variety to choose from, one should do some good research before settling on a gun.

Other big superstores also stock a variety of guns. A good example is Because most of the online purchases don’t give the customer the chance to test the gun before purchase, they offer delivery services. In addition they also give a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with what you get. Different companies have their own price tags for guns. But the gun you go for will be determined by the reason you need it in the first place.

Air Gun for Sports and Hunting

If you just need an air gun for sports, you do not need to get the most expensive air gun on the market. On the other hand, if you need to hunt moving targets then you might need a more expensive gun. The need in this case will determine which type of gun will be preferred. The price range can also be affected by how the air gun gets powered. There are basically three ways in which the air guns get powered: CO2, Pneumatic and a spring piston.

CO2 guns use compressed carbon dioxide to fire. These guns use a small bottle of the compressed gas. That means you will need to purchase the cylinders on a regular basis. Pneumatic guns, on the other hand, use compressed air. These guns have an inbuilt pump that compresses the air to create enough power to fire.

Spring Piston Guns

The most common guns are the spring piston guns. Just as the name suggests, they need a spring coil to operate. When the gun is cocked, the spring is compressed and when the trigger is pulled, it decompresses the spring, which releases the pellet as a projectile. This is the oldest method of gun manufacture.

Though it looks like a simple method, these guns are actually very effective. Some can even release the pellets faster than the speed of sound. Due to the pressure of release, these guns have what is known as recoil. That is a strong backward movement after taking a shot. This can affect the accuracy of the gun, especially if multiple shots need to be taken at the same time.

The type of power the gun uses will therefore also determine the price tag of the gun. Spring guns are more common and cheaper than the compressed gas air guns.