Casino Games With Shooting

If you are interested in shooting but the airgun laws in the UK don’t let you practice as much as you’d like to, there is a wide variety of casino games available online today. Different categories include card games, adventure games, progressive games, and some games with shooting too!

However, casino games with shooting are not as numerous as card games. Sometimes a shooting game will combine with an adventure theme of sorts, for a hybrid gaming experience. Others feature elements from videogames or films from which they are adapted.

Here are three casino games that involve shooting that can be found on Betsson where you can play and cashout online, or as they call it in Finnish, Betsson Kotiutus:

  • Gunslinger

This is a Play’n GO game that features a Wild Wild West theme. You can expect cowboy style architecture and revolver pistols. Gunslinger will appeal to players who not only love shooting but also like the Wild Wild West theme. The game is well designed with some animations to match. Gunslinger has used guns in a clever way. In some instances a player can use the gun to access the bonus features. Shooting whiskey bottles, for example, can give a player access to free spins. The design of the game is such that the opportunities to shoot it up are frequent but not so frequent as to distract the player from the main aim of the game, which, like any other slots game, is winning the jackpot. Gunslinger has 25 lines that can each accept 5 coins. Bets are between a minimum of 0,25 coin and a maximum of 31.25 coins.

  • Top Gun

This game is an adaptation of the film ‘Top Gun’ by Tom Cruise. Unlike Gunslinger and many other casino games with shooting, Top Gun features heavy military technology. The player not only gets to play with handguns, he or she has fighter aircraft such as F14 bombers and their guns to play with. It is safe to say that this is the closest a player can come to shooting video games in an online slots setting. The game has 5 reels and 20 paylines. The minimum wager for Top Gun players is 1 cent, while the maximum bet is 1000 coins. This then means that the game does accept all ranges of paying players. The real gunplay comes along in the bonus features where the player is, for example, able to recognize the top gun symbol as the wild symbol and the F14 as the scatter symbol.

Other gun symbols in the bonus features include M14s and MIGs. To win the jackpot, a player has to shoot down all 6 MIGs. The jackpot for Top Gun is 500,000 coins.

  • True Sheriff

The game features a cowboy theme, just like Gunslinger. In this game the bonus becomes active when the sheriff’s gun is positioned at the centre reel. The appearance of that gun triggers the sheriff who then arrives for a shoot ‘em up in what is the wild spin for the game.


Casino games with shooting are exciting and easy to play. However, they require strategy and responsibility just like any other casino games. Many shooting games played in casinos are thematic and therefore enjoyable. That could be the reason why they have a strong following and an enthusiastic player base.